Detox Diet For A Healthy Lifestyle

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A detox diet, which is often referred to as cleansing diet, removes toxins and poisons from your body. They are designed especially to cleanse the liver, kidneys, pancreas, digestive tract and the blood by removing toxins from them. It not only eliminates the toxins from your body but also purifies it and helps it to function better. So, the main goal of any detoxification diet is to bring your body back to a healthy and fresh state.

The detox diet is a short term diet plan, most often 3 to 21 days and helps your body to focus on self-healing. They are not intended to cure any illness, instead, clear obstacles to health and allow your body system to run more efficiently. The aim of this diet program is to increase the energy levels of your body, prevent it from any allergic reactions, treats headaches, improves concentration and mood, stimulate digestive health, prevents premature aging and diseases, and regains your body's natural ability to ward off any cold or flu.

Mostly, a detox diet is a simple diet of low-calorie liquids. There are many types of detoxification diets which include the Master cleanse diet, juice fasting, smoothie and shake fasting, commercial cleanse program, raw foods, ayurveda detox foods and brown rice diet. Most detoxification diet programs eliminate foods that contain potentially harmful chemicals and allow only those foods that help your body's natural ability to rid of itself the toxins. For example dark, green organic leafy vegetables are most preferred in the detoxification diet plan. Also, the overall food intake is considerably reduced which ranges from a small meal detox plans to fully fledged juice detox plan.

A detox diet plan usually consists of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, cereals, pulses, and nuts. They include foods and drinks that are healthy as well acts as building blocks of your body. It also contains antioxidants which protect your body from harmful toxins and eliminate toxins. It may be known that many toxic substances can be detoxified in your body by the liver, but most people's liver is overworked and it usually doesn't function properly in the detoxification process.

To get better understanding about a detox diet, you should keep the following things in mind:

- Detoxification diets are not intended to shed extra weight. Instead, it helps eliminate toxins from the body

- If you are on a detoxification diet, you should consume extra servings of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, because cooking eliminates all the nutrients from them

- Organic fruits and vegetables are much better because they do not contain pesticides which are highly toxic

The detoxification 21 day fix extreme before and after diet plan basically reduces the consumption of chemicals and emphasizes on foods that provides more vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that are required by the body for the detoxification process. It also uses certain foods that are rich in fiber and water content, which helps to eliminate toxins through urine and stool. A detox diet should not only be followed for a few days, but some of its principles should be continued throughout your life, which will help you to lead a healthy and fit life.

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New Study Says You Might Need to 'Shut Up' to Lose Weight

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How This Woman Lost 30kg without going to gym

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Meet Kanan, a 47-year old woman, who lost as much as 30kg body weight by being committed to her weight loss goal.

Kanan was born a healthy child, but after getting married at the age of 23, she had kids and started to gain weight. She never took the weight gain seriously as she was not image-conscious.

But as she grew older, being over-weight brought a range of health issues for her, and before she knew, she was on medication for high blood pressure, asthma, back ache and joint pain.

That's when she decided to quit her job and take charge of her health.

At the beginning of 2012, she was very depressed as she weighed 100kg. At 5'2" height, she was grossly over-weight.

By following a strict plan, she lost weight and by mid-2013 she weighed about 68kgs.

Even losing a few kilos in the beginning was a big moral boost, as well as big physical boost. She could walk faster, and could walk without stopping for longer distances. She felt like a feather.

She felt very confident after weight loss. She had top coach a better self-image.

She has stopped all medication. Her relationship with her husband improved.

Her weight loss journey is inspiring because now she knows that anything is possible.

After losing 23kg in the first three months, she visited her doctor. He struggled to recognize her. She looked like a new person after weight loss.

Her story is really inspiring because she did not take any professional help. She achieved her weight loss goals on her own.

How did she do it?

Let's find out.

Here are the things that Kanan did to lose weight.

She followed a strict diet. She made a list of foods she could eat to lose weight, and she stuck by it.

She set up a goal to walk every day. At least for half an hour. On most days she ended up walking more than that. Her goal was to clock 10,000 steps every day, 7 days a week, without any excuse.

She insanity results watched walks 'Walk at Home' videos by Leslie Sansone on YouTube. (See the video at the end of this article.)

Gradually, she introduced a bit of running in between her walks.

She made a list of her favourite songs which she used to inspire her during her walks and runs.

Knowing what to eat to lose weight, and complementing it with walking, Kanan came close to her weight loss goals. Now she wants to reach her goal of 60ks body weight.

If she could do it, you can do it too. Let's find out what to eat to insanity asylum lose weight, as shared by Kanan in this article.